Oil For Food Fraud Details

Information released today by the Senate panel investigating oil-for-food program abuses sets the amount that Saddam manged to illegally wring out of the program at over $21 billion. Chief among his co-conspirators were the French and Russian governments and the UN entity charged with monitoring the program.

Benon Sevan, the UN official in charge of the program vigorously denies any wrongdoing, but yet refuses to release documentation demanded by the Senate investigation or appear before the panel for questioning.

Kofi Annan personally called Senator Norm Coleman and Senator Carl Levin with hollow assurances that the UN was not attempting to employ obstructionist tactics, in response to a strongly worded demand from the two for the UN to produce the information.

In other news, this picture from the Ivory Coast was interesting:

It would appear the French are again allying themselves with Muslim fundamentalist revolutionaries... This time it happens to be the ones in the northern portion of the Ivory Coast.


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