Falluja Offensive Enters Second Stage

The Falluja offensive entered the second stage today as coalition forces, bolstered by air and artillery resources poured across Highway 10 into the southern part of town. Fighting is expected to be fierce as rebels are pressed into an ever constricting killing zone and their desperation increases. There have already been attacks against the outer cordon force trying to break open an escape route.

Two Super-Cobra attack helicopters were forced to land after being hit by ground fire. Both crews were uninjured after the forced landings.

Four hostages were discovered and freed from terrorist execution houses. One claimed to be a Baghdadi taxi driver and the other three were Iraqis that had been working for the American military. All four were starving and had suffered beatings at the hands of their captors. The production facilities for the beheading videos were also discovered. This pretty much disproves claims that there were no terrorists in Falluja.

The latest casualty reports claim 15 coalition deaths in the assault and estimates of 600-800 rebel deaths.

Rebels attacked elsewhere in Iraq today. A car bomb exploded in Baghdad in the middle of a traffic jam. In Mosul, militants invaded several police stations and set police vehicles on fire. Curfews have been declared in both cities.
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