A Tax Cut for the Rich?

I have grown weary of hearing the liberals whining about Bush's tax cuts being "a tax cut for the rich". It simply is not! Everytime you hear a liberal whining about it, they'll pull the number $200,000 out of their ass. Guess what liberals. There is no magic barrier or tax break that occurs at $200,000. For your edification and to supply the ammunition that us conservatives need to shoot these whining scum puppets down when they start this crap; I present to you the following:
Low BoundaryHigh BoundaryLowest Tax RateHighest Tax Rate
$326,450unlimited27.05%nearly 35%

All of this is based on the tax tables, which are available for everyone to read. First off as any numbskull can see the tax rates grow as a person's wealth grows. Meaning a rich person is paying a higher percentage of his income than is a poor person. Perhaps you liberals should have been in school under the "No child left behind" program and then your math skills would be good enough to figure this out as well! I'm tired of hearing this stupidity, so I figured I would take the time to write down the definitive proof so I can just point back at this and not have to rewrite it every time one of you bird-wits lets this standard Demo-Mantra crap roll out of your fetid little pie holes.

Oh, and btw, where in that entire table do you see the number $200,000 explicitly mentioned? Nowhere! The number, my neanderthal liberal readers is $182,800. The result however is still that a person earning $200,000 still pays a higher percentage of their income in taxes than you do, so quit your damned whining!

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