Castle Doctrine

Governor Rick Perry of Texas signed a law today that allows a person to defend themselves with deadly force if threatened with mortal danger. Imagine that, it will be legal to act in self-defense once this law takes effect in September. How in the hell did it ever become illegal to defend yourself? The current law of the land requires a person to make a verifiable attempt to retreat before employing force in self-defense. Imagine honest people who've done nothing wrong other than being the victim of a crime are expected to maintain the presence of mind in the midst of a terror filled situation to ensure that they leave evidence that they attempted to flee before they may protect themselves. What kind of ignorant bullshit is that? That law was obviously written by someone who values the lives of criminals far more than they do the lives of innocent citizens. Luckily that insanity has come to an end with Rick Perry's signature this afternoon. The Brady bunch are obviously beside themselves, screaming that it will lead to people abusing the law to commit murder. All I can say is, I hope they find themselves in a similar situation some day, perhaps then they'll finally understand.

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