A Little Hipocrasy Perhaps?

New Orleans is by all measures a very liberal city. Everyone knows that the official liberal policy regarding icky guns is that no one should be allowed to own one and that self-defense is not a right; a person should have to rely on the police to save them from criminals. Then let their city be over-run with criminals and violent crime and what do they do? Buy guns like they're going out of style, that's what! Gun sales in New Orleans have increased by about 38% since huricane Katrina. Issuance of concealed carry permits is also way up. I'm a little torn over this. On the one hand I want to cry foul and ask these libs why they aren't relying on the police to save them. On the other hand, I hope that this will help educate some liberals about the reasons behind the second amendment and perhaps reduce their party's ignorant insistance on removing these constitutional rights. Unfortunately I don't have much hope in that regard. History has proven that liberals in general believe that laws should punish everyone but them.

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