A Treat for Myself

I've decided that once Uncle Sam pays me back the money that I loaned him, I'm going to treat myself to a little toy. Namely this:

Meet the Kel-Tec PLR-16. This mean little bastard fires the same round as the M-16, the 5.56mm. Normally I'd say the the 5.56mm is a bit anemic, but when it's fired through an 18" long pistol, that speaks volumes. This is a lot of firepower in a tiny package. One would think that with such a short barrel, the accuracy would be shot to shit... au-contraire! Every review I've read says this thing is capable of 1" - 1½" groupings out to 100 meters! When you look at the picture above you'll see some kind of cheesey scope mounted on the top picatinny rail (there's another rail on the bottom of the forearm). That will obviously not be happening! Instead there will be a nice red-dot sight up top and a laser/tactical light combo attached under the forearm. I've also been considering the possibility of finding a front verticle grip that incorporates the laser and tactical light. Do any of you have any thoughts on that issue?

This is the sort of thing our troops should be carrying in instances where they carry the MP5. Let's face it, 5.56mm is amenic as the main round fired by our troops, but the 9mm handgun ammo fired by the MP5 is even more worthless. In this case, the miniscule size combined with the increased firepower of chambering a 5.56mm rifle round is a definite upgrade. 9mm can be easily stopped by readily available, inexpensive body armor. The 5.56mm on the other hand requires expensive ballistic plate armor to be stopped. Attempting to use the MP5 out to ranges of 100 meters would be an exercise in futility to say the least.

Here's a video that helped make my mind up. I put that video on loop and cackled like a giddy school girl.

So here's your chance... Dissuade me!

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