Lib Voter Fraud Game Starts Anew

It would seem that ACORN is back to their old voter fraud game. During the presidential elections this was one of the groups that were singled out as being particularly dirty. They were one of the MANY rogues I posted about during that election cycle.

Listen scumbags, if you can't win cheating doesn't make you a winner all it makes you is a cheater. This is something I would have liked to have seen the Republicans deal with harshly after the election. There are a lot of things I would have liked to have seen the Republicans deal with, but that's beside the point because I'm absolutely certain that the libs won't deal with any of them satisfactorilly. In fact I know they'll make them worse.

We do need a change in Washington, but not a change back to low-life bastards that defraud the process.

It would appear that we need to be vigilent this time around again. It would also appear that we will continue to our vigilence until we have the balls to elect politicians that have the balls to take these cheats to task.

In related news, it would appear that some dumbass liberal in California thinks that mailing threats against the elected officials of this country is a good idea. All I can say is, have fun in the federal pen with your new butt-buddy love interest.

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