Pull Out Now!!! (because we're winning)

The pacifist left in this country is constantly bemoaning the fact that we are (in their words) "losing" the war in Iraq. Fortunately that does not reflect the truth on the ground. The true impact of our efforts are best judged in the words of our foes. The cited link above will take you to a translated document discovered in Iraq during the pursuit of al-Zarqawi (may he roast in hell!).

For those who claim that pulling out now is a "smart" plan, perhaps the following Zarqawi tidbit from the cited document will be enlightening:

...time is now beginning to be of service to the American forces and
harmful to the resistance...

Clearly our continued presence in Iraq is causing al-Quaida heart-burn. Zarqawi goes on to enumerate the reasons why our continued presence in Iraq is "harmful to the resistance"; among them the on-going training of Iraqi forces, "massive" disruptive arrest operations, restriction of finances, splintering insurgent forces, etc... Clearly none of these benefits could be reaped if we are not in Iraq.

Zarqawi goes on to list some plans that would allow them to mitigate the "current bleak situation"... Mainly diverting U.S. attention to a dupe target like the Iraqi Shiites or Iran.

Interestingly one of the main tools Zarqawi hopes to use is the media to sway public sentiment.

Read the document and explain to me how running away now could possibly bring as many benefits as sticking it out and being a thorn in the terrorists' side.

Further, think through current events and ask yourself, what more likely explanations there could be. For example the Haditha affair. If al-Quaida wanted to foment discontent all they'd need to do is kill some people and incriminate US forces. Incriminating US forces would not be that hard. One would need only kill some people with American ammunition and then get some sympathizers to cry "massacre". The United States does not have a monopoly on 5.56mm ammunition after all. For proof I offer the following picture of Zarqawi himself:

Do you know what the weapon is that he is holding? American grunts call it a SAW, a US issue 5.56mm machinegun. Now, am I saying that it is absolutely inconceivable that a Marine Corps patrol would go berserk with grief and start offing innocent civilians? Certainly not, but it would be uncharacteristic. Is it more likely that Zarqawi's folks would do such a thing? Consult the following picture for your answer to that question.

I believe that if these marines are given a fair shake they will be vindicated. Anyone who's watched CSI knows that it is possible to match expended bullets to the weapon that fired them. That should be able to prove or disprove the accusations that have been levied. Unfortunately the left and the media have already tried and convicted these men... Pretty much the way they tried and convicted Karl Rove (and we all know how well that went for them). When it comes down to it, who do you trust more, your countrymen or the enemies of your country?

At any rate, do take the time to read the cited article, it is certainly an eye-opener (unless of course you've super-glued your eyes shut as some in this nation have).

Oh and one last dumb question... What does a pious fucker like Zarqawi need a "leopard-print nightgown" for? Perhaps he liked cross-dressing, but that hardly presents the image of the "holy" warrior now does it?

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