Ok, this really is too much!

In news today, BP reports it must replace over 70% of the pipe in the Alaska pipeline.

This is really starting to work on my last nerve! It seems the oil industry is seeking any excuse to jack up the price of gasoline. At this time of unprecedented gas prices, the oil companies are making unprecedented profits. Do you think perhaps the two could be linked?

First there's the unrest in the Middle East (as if that shit hole is ever lacking in "unrest"). Then there's hurricane Katrina. Then there's Iran's threats to cut off their oil production. Now this. As far as I'm concerned it's all just excuses for thievery!

One useless investigation after another clears the oil industry of price fixing and price gouging (as if we'd expect them to state otherwise) and yet you and I can look around and see the gasoline prices changing in unison several times a day. How can there not be price fixing? In these times of unprecedented profits how can there not be price gouging?

My office over looks a frontage road lined with gas stations. I see the prices rise and fall in unison all along the frontage road (often several times a day). I know that none of these stations has received a shipment as I've not seen tanker trucks unloading prior to the price changes. If a station pays a given price per gallon for a truck load of unleaded, why then does the price change several times a day? Shouldn't the pump price be based upon the price the retailer paid to procure that product? I asked a gas station owner that very question once and was told that they receive a call from their oil company representative telling the the price to charge. How is that not price fixing?

I'm not normally one for governmental manipulations of private industries, but in this case, they've pissed me off enough that I am.

I call for all oil companies to be placed under the rules that govern public utilities. I call for fixed percentage profit rates. I call for governmental inspectors to sit in these bastards pockets, like a burr under their saddle, smothering them in oversight until sanity returns.

The oil companies may flip the bill for politician's reelection campaigns, but it is we the voters that actually elect these people. I don't need any liberals wandering in here claiming their party is without sin, because they're not. All of the politicians in Washington are complicit in the bilking of America by the oil companies. Every last one of them.

It is time for a revolution... a gas pump revolt! Realistically, what can we, the consumers do that will actually have an impact and let our ire be known? What can we do to bring about an end to the tyranny at the pump?

The oil companies will surely use this latest news as an excuse for cranking up the pump prices yet again, and yet the vast majority of North Shore oil is sold to Japan (per an oil company exec. I used to work with). That's right it's not refined and burned here. It's shipped to Japan for their motorists to use.

That's another thing for y'all liberals... If we "went to war for oil"... Why are we paying what we're paying? Don't get me wrong. We will some day need to go war for oil. Hell that's why Japan attacked Pearl Harbor. Without oil our economy will screech to a whimpering halt. In fact I propose that the war for oil should start right here and right now! Our first target should be Shell, BP, Conoco, Exxon and the rest of the cheating bastards who are holding our lives hostage to sate their insatiable greed.


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