Say goodbye to another piece of subhuman trash

It would appear that Shamil Basayev was killed today when a truck carrying dynamite that he was driving near exploded. I can not say that I will personally miss him. In fact I believe that this world is a better place with his entrails spread across the Russian countryside fertilizing weeds. It is s true pity that his death was so fast. I would have prefered that he suffer a long and agonizing death. For those of you unaware of why I might feel this way about this dirtbag, allow me to refresh your memory.

This is just a small sampling of this filth's handiwork. For me, there is nothing that justifies the intentional targetting of innocent children, not even retribution. Since we got Zarqawi and now Basayev, now all we need to complete the set is bin Laden and al Zawahiri.

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