9/11 Thoughts

I've just finished watching United 93. I waited on purpose to watch it today. The weight of the film still rests on me. I had quite forgotten the utter rage that I felt as I watched the events unfurl that day five years past. This movie roused that anger once again. As the film drew to its inevitable conclusion I was literally screaming at the screen.

"Beat that fucker's head into a bloody mush with the fire extinguisher!"

"Good, now move on, you've got to go!"

I pictured myself, were I in the same position. I have a beautiful wife and two small boys still at home that I simply adore. I can't imagine the anguish at being forcibly removed from them and knowing that they would suffer my loss.

I too have sat nervously in an airplane more times than I can count. I'm not a good flier. I'm one of those people who's nervous about sitting in the passenger seat of a car and sitting in an airplane makes me even more uneasy.

The audacity of these animals; stealing these people from those that love them. These weren't soldiers who might expect a life-threatening situation to arise at any moment. These were simple people just trying to go about their lives.

Some time ago I made a flight into Fargo North Dakota on business. On the return flight, one of the engines just outside the window where I was seated literally exploded while we were aloft. I knew it was a serious incident because even the flight attendants ran for their seats and buckled themselves into their jump seats. The plane immediately turned back to make an emergency landing in Fargo. As the plane lurched through the air over the frozen landscape below, I repeated to myself "Just put me back on the ground" over and over again.

I imagined what it must have been like for those souls on that plane five years ago. In my situation on the flight from Fargo, it was an accident. I knew that the situation was dire, but I also anticipated a very good chance that I would live to see my loved ones again. How must it have been for them sitting on that other plane, knowing that if they did not act they would die, but knowing full-well that if they did act it was very likely that they still would die.

Five years ago today, 19 brutal animals rose up to bite the hand of those far nobler than themselves. In their bitterness they tore 2,973 bright stars from the from sky and extinguished their warming light forever, thinking the world a better place without the beauty that they supplied. These animals still roam, seething at the heavens and plotting the demise of every point of light that dares pierce the sullen black... the same black that inhabits their heartless chests. They've sold their hearts, minds and souls to figment of their imagination that they call Allah.

Earlier today I sat in a Marine Corps recruiting office and signed the final papers that allowed my eldest son to enlist. I wore an understated pin on my lapel that bore the image of old glory and the simple words "remember 9-11-01". Interestingly, the recruiter was the only person who noticed it all through the day. As we tended to the paperwork, we spoke at length of my prior service and I expressed to him my utter dejection at being side-lined for this conflict. It really does eat at me not being able to stand on the line and man a gun. It feels like I'm AWOL for a deployment. I told the recruiter this and he said, "Sir, you've done quite enough for one lifetime. Your generation managed to defeat the Soviets and then you personally were thoughtful enough to rear children with a mind to service in a time when people would rather see their children pursue the almighty dollar than pursue honor and duty. It's time for you to stand down old-timer and save a little glory for the next generation." I think I might have blushed a little in his adulation (even though I bristled at being called an "old-timer") but I still feel quite cheated and envy my son's opportunity.

As a bit of an explanation, my son decided to spend his last school year with his mother in Germany since he'd lived with me since he was eight.

So when I spoke with him by phone to let him know that I had finished up his paperwork, he told me for the first time about an incident that happened while he was in San Antonio a few months ago to initiate his enlistment. His recruiter had taken him out to a local fast food restaurant for lunch in uniform. While they were eating, some woman approached them and spat on the master sergeant and exclaimed to my son "Run they just want to get you killed."

What in the hell has this country come to? On the fifth anniversary of the single deadliest attack our country has ever experienced the only conversation regarding that attack that I witnessed (blogs and news excluded) was an armed services recruiter noticing my memorial pin. Beyond that... In this day and age, assaulting a member of the armed services for doing their duty while attempting to dissaude another from doing their civic duty, passes as civic activism.

You can not reason with these animals! They've sold their soul all in the hope of getting an opportunity to rape 99 innocent virgins in another life. How can you compete with that? I mean believing in attaining that sort of reward is just short of the lunacy of believing that you can reason with such creatures.

What then will you do when these bad people come-a-knocking? You've spat on all of those who would defend you! Do you think that these people will perhaps ratify your desire to allow men to marry men? HAH! They hang gays. Do you think they'll permit your abortions of convenience? Again you delude yourself, they stone rape victims for having sex out of wedlock. Do you think they'll support your alarmist claims of separation of church and state? In their eyes the church IS the state! You will worship this figment Allah or you will die!

You claim that you have a better way of dealing with them and when pressed on the subject, you put forward plans of retreat and attempts to reason with the unreasonable. My previous post dealt with an impending drought, do you not see the grapes withering on the vine right before your selfish eyes?

I used to live in a country that had people who could disagree, but yet they were united in their belief that this nation was a grand thing, worthy of sacrifice. I fear that she has died. I fear that our dreams of Camelot have expired under the weight of self-centeredness just as surely as those 2,973 souls expired at the hands of 19 soul-less beasts.

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