Amish School Shootings

All school shootings strike me as being heinous acts, but this one has really struck a nerve with me. I grew up in Lancaster County among the Amish and always had a fondness for them. I appreciate the elegant simplicity of their lives. When the world around them races hither and yon frantic and frenetic the Amish go about their lives with nary a hint of stress. Having grown up in their midst I've often toyed with the thought of how nice it would be to discard the weighty stresses of modern life and adopt such a anachronistic lifestyle.

Then comes a maniac, seething with some festering twenty year old grudge. Who more vulnerable could he choose as his victims? Selecting innocent children is not horrific enough for this creature. Instead he selects the children of a religious sect that believes in non-violence... Victims that would not raise a hand to defend themselves. He binds these children's feet and unceremonioulsy expends one round after another into their heads.

I could only wish there were a very special place in hell for this person. There are times when being an atheist lacks the poetic justice of a vengeful deity.


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