Open Season II

This is a follow up to the post I made regarding the recent streak of lethality for US helicopters in Iraq. After a little research I've been able to find the following:

First off, the United States presented evidence that Iran has been providing weapons to use against American troops in Iraq. There I spied this slide:

A Misagh-1 certainly could bring down a helicopter. But there remained one question, why would Shiite Iran provide weapons for Sunni insurgents that were attacking not only U.S. forces, but also Shiite targets in Iraq? But then I found this article. This clearly states that Iran has supplied these weapons to both, al Quaida in Iraq and the Mehdi army. This is of course very troubling. It would appear that Iran is more interested in fomenting bloodshed than being loyal to their Shiite brethren in Iraq. The interesting point of the article was this:

"two Iranian QW-1 and SA-7 missile consignments reached Iraqi insurgents allied with al Qaeda and one [consignment to] radical Shiite Moqtada Sadr’s Shiite militia, the Mehdi Army"

Perhaps the Iranians are more interested in prosecuting a proxy war against the West than they are interested in any sort of loyalty they may hold to their fellow Shiites. Further the following quote leaps to one's attention:

"Dated Soviet-era models of the SA-7 were indeed bought by Iran on Far East black markets and supplied to Iraqi insurgents and also pro-Tehran governors in western Afghanistan. Iran is preparing the ground for a Shiite insurgency against NATO forces there."

Ahmadinejad of course denies any knowledge of this saying:

"We shy away from any kind of conflict, any kind of bloodshed... As we have said repeatedly, we think that the world problems can be solved through dialogue, through the use of logic and a sense of friendship. There is no need for the use of force."

Of course he would say that. I mean how easy is it to try to appear to be very picture of innocence when the blood isn't actually on your hands. I mean you didn't pull the trigger on your weapons, your stooges, Hesbollah, al Quaida in Iraq and the Mehdi army did.

In fact Iran has been spoiling with a fight with the west for decades. Their aspirations to that effect began with the hostage taking in Teheran and continues to this day.

Liberals in Congress of course prefer to stick their heads in the sand. Senator Christoper Dodd of Connecticut had this to say:

"I look at this with a degree of skepticism, based on the record that these intelligence operations have provided us in the past... It seems to me until we engage them in some way on a multiple of issues, including this one, it's only going to get worse..."

So what is it senator? If the Iranians are not supplying weapons, why would it "only get worse".

John horse-face Kerry had this witticism to share:

"every leader in the region and every observer, every expert here in our country, tells us that Iran does not want a complete and total implosion in Iraq."

If that's so brainiac, why then are they arming both sides of the mounting sectarian violence?

When are these people going to get it. We're at war. It doesn't matter to our enemies one lick if we happen to believe it or not. It doesn't matter to them who kills Americans... Shiites or Sunni as long as American lives are taken. It doesn't matter to them that their weapons are also killing fellow Muslims either, those are acceptable losses in their eyes.

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