A Little Demonstration in Liberal Media Bias

So I'm at work today taking a little break, so I open up Yahoo News to see what's going on. Here's what I found:

As I got looking at it I noticed something. Do you see it? Here let me show you:

On the left in the largest print, an article is featured regarding the democrats ignorant non-binding resolution. On the right, much smaller is an article detailing how the new plan for Iraq is actually working, proving the fallacy of the democrat's actions. Of course any article actually detailing any kind of success in Iraq would naturally not gain top billing. So I called a co-worker over to show them this dichotomy. When I open the browser and point it to Yahoo news, guess what I find... This:

You'll notice how the article detailing any kind of success in Iraq has been replaced with another "if it bleeds it leads" article about Al-Quaida releasing a video of an attack. Yahoo had obviously caught thier faux-pas!
So then I went looking for the article that was there and suddenly its title had been changed from "Civilian deaths in Iraq drop overnight" to "Jury remains out on Baghdad crackdown".


I just have this to say. If the democrats succeed in legislating defeat in Iraq I will begin suggesting that every man and woman in service (including my family and friends in service) find any way they can to legally depart from service. These people do not deserve your sacrifice of service. This is no longer the country that our forefathers established. You swore to protect the constitution of the United States from all enemies, foreign and domestic. The democrats are those domestic enemies. Continuing to serve their desires is tantamount to abandoning that oath. They have brought about one too many defeats by decree. Our forces have not been bested in the field. They've been bested by cowardice and avarice at home. They crusade to remove our rights to keep and bear arms. They seek to curtail our right to freedom of religion. They seek to eliminate the free market economy and replace it with their socialist fantasy and abandon our hard-won national sovereignty with international domination... subjugate our national interests to those who wish us ill.

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