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I know it must seem like I'm harping on the same thing over and over here recently... But I've been doing a little research and have sort of fallen into a rut. It would appear that the authorities have tracked down ol' Norman Hsu after he fell ill on the Amtrak in Colorado.

This all started to sound very familiar right from its inception. The American public's memory is so short. Short enough that 11 years seems an eternity and all details are lost and not remembered. Allow me to refresh your memory and tie the past few postings together for you.

The year is 1996, its September 21st. The LA Times publishes an article that starts the ball rolling. An article by Bob Woodward and Brian Duffy in the Washington Post pushed the ball along. The end game to that rolling ball was the conviction of 22 Democratic Party Fund raisers all working for the People's Republic of China, the hasty departure from the U.S. of another 18 and the erection of a stone wall of silence by a long list of other suspected PRC agents.

Louis Freeh, Clinton's appointed director of the FBI wrote a 22 page letter to Janet Reno indicating that he believed it was "difficult to imagine a more compelling situation for appointing an independent counsel". The Justice Department's Campaign Finance Task Force Head, Charles La Bella also wrote to Janet Reno saying, "A pattern of events suggests a level of knowledge within the White House—including the President's and First Lady's offices—concerning the injection of foreign funds into the reelection effort." Janet Reno however blocked all calls to enlist an independent counsel. La Bella is also quoted as saying "If these allegations involved anyone other than the president, vice president, senior White House or DNC and Clinton-Gore '96 officials, an appropriate investigation would have commenced months ago without hesitation." A later appointed head to that same task force called on Janet Reno to appoint an independent counsel in the spring of 2000. (Do you think La Bella's statements had anything to do with his job longevity?)

At the time, the Republicans held the majority in congress. The U.S. Senate Committee on Governmental Affairs, chaired by none other than Senator Fred Thompson then opened an investigation into the affair. In fact his opening statement to the public hearings was:

"I would like to turn our attention to one of the most troublesome areas of this investigation. I speak of allegations concerning a plan... by the Chinese government and designed to pour illegal money into American political campaigns. The plan had a goal: to buy access and influence in furtherance of Chinese government interests... The committee believes that... Chinese government officials crafted a plan to increase China's influence over the U.S. political process. The committee has identified specific steps taken in furtherance of the plan. Implementation of the plan has been handled by Chinese government officials and individuals enlisted to assist in the effort... Our investigation suggests that the plan continues today. Although most discussions of the plan focuses on Congress, our investigation suggests it affected the 1996 presidential race and state elections as well. The government of China is believed to have allocated substantial sums of money to achieve its objectives. Another aspect of the plan is remarkable because it shows that the PRC is interested in developing long-term relationships with... up and coming government... officials at state and local levels. The intent is to establish relations that can be cultivated as the officials rise through the ranks to higher office."
Here's another little interesting tidbit... In 1994, at President Clinton's urging, the congress passed a little bill... HR3355, introduce by Brooks and Boxer. (there were 33 Republican traitors who voted for this atrocity by the way*). HR3355 became the infamous assault weapons ban. Two years later, after having worked so hard to ban those evil semi-automatic weapons. Clinton's Commerce Department headed by Ron Brown granted Poly Technologies a front company for the PRC military establishment special permits to import 100,000 semiautomatic "assault" weapons (Chicom SKS's) into the country and millions of rounds of ammunition. This was done as a special gift to Wang Jun, the chairman of China's CITIC (foreign investment arm of the PRC government) and board member of Poly Technologies. Now, don't get me wrong. I really appreciated the introduction of all of those cheap, fun SKS's into the American market. I even own one of them, but here is the "god" of gun control and in exchange for donations to his "legal defense fund", he'll be more than willing to compromise on the evils of those weapons. Bill Clinton was bought and paid for by the People's Republic of China.

When I call democrats communists, it is because the American Democratic Party is beholden to communist regimes, mainly the regime of China.

Now spool ahead eleven years and here we sit with Hillary Clinton running for public office. Large portions of her campaign finances are now found to stem from Norman Hsu. Has she learned her fund raising tactics from Bill? One could only surmise. She like all the other Hsu beneficiaries has sworn to return Hsu's donations or contribute them to a charity. What Hillary has not done is return the money that Hsu funneled to her campaign through straw donations such as those from the Paw family.

I have some suspicions regarding Hsu. Mark my words this goes deeper than the liberal press has allowed anyone to see. How does an individual flee from a conviction in California and hide by being seen with this nation's most powerful democrat politicos? I mean we are talking about the man the hooked Obama up with his head fundraiser, Mark Goreburg. What are the details of his grand theft conviction? I know it had something to do with a scam involving the resale of latex gloves; beyond that, I can't find a thing. Does anyone know? Further Hsu reportedly voiced concerns to his family stating that he feared for his life. Poisoning is suspected as the cause of his sudden illness on the train.

I've been seeing some tenuous indications of connections between Norman Hsu and the Hsi Lai temple. Which some of you may remember was involved in the whole campaign finance scandal back in 1996. One of the nuns subpoenaed to testify in that regard, Judy Hsu appears to have a familial relationship with Norman Hsu. Judy Hsu repeatedly invoked her fifth amendment rights when questioned in regards to the illegal donations to the Clinton/Gore reelection campaign. One normally invokes the fifth amendment when testifying would incriminate the person in the commission of a crime. In regards to the Hsi Lai temple scandal, the Algore™ had this to say:
"I knew there were finance people that were going to be present, and so that alone should have told me, 'This is inappropriate and this is a mistake; don't do this.' And I take responsibility for that. It was a mistake"
In other words, "qu'ell faux pas, my bad, mea culpa, don't hold my knowing involvement in campaign finance fraud against me". Liberals of course granted him that get out of jail free card.

Listen people... You are selling this country to the communists by buying their cheap garbage products. Your liberal politicians are selling this country and it's political autonomy to that same hostile foreign government. These politicians idolize and emulate socialists and communists. Hell, Hillary Clinton revered one communist, Saul Alinski so much that she dedicated her entire thesis to singing his praises.

*In closing, remember when I mentioned those republicans complicit with foisting the assault weapons ban on the American people... Here are their names:

Bennett UT, Brown CO, Burns MT, Coverdell GA, Craig ID, D'Amato NY, Dole KS, Domenici NM, Faircloth NC, Gramm TX, Grassley IA, Hatch UT, Helms NC, Hutchison TX, Jeffords VT, Kassebaum KS, Kempthorne ID, Lott MS, Lugar IN, Mack FL, McCain AZ, McConnell KY, Murkowski AK, Pressler SD, Roth DE, Simpson WY, Smith NH, Stevens AK, Thurmond SC, Wallop WY, Warner VA

The underlined names in the list are still in office... Do yourself a favor America... Next time these traitorous jackasses come up for reelection, remind them that they were sent to Washington DC to uphold the Constitution of the United States not to neuter it! Elect someone else who will truly honor and protect our rights. I don't care how many pork barrel projects you bring to my state if you curtail my right to keep and bear arms. It would appear that a few of these self-serving ass-hats took themselves out of the picture... Like Craig from Idaho and Jeffords from Vermont.

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