A Benchmark Passed (FINALLY!)

I've been operating this blog since September 2004. I've been collecting the locations of visitors ever since then because I find it interesting to see that someone from an interesting place like Fiji for example, reads my posts.

Well today I managed to attain a benchmark I have finally had a reader from every state in the U.S. On the surface, one would think that is an easy benchmark to reach. I mean I've had readers from 91 countries, including at least one visitor from every province of Canada. I've had visitors from exotic places like Namibia, Paraguay, Vanuatu, Nauru, Pakistan and Iran...

In fact I had collected visits from every state but one by 04/28/2005, but I've had to wait until today to collect that one last visitor from the one hold out state.

What is the state you ask? Could it perhaps be a rural state with a very low population like Wyoming or Alaska perhaps? Nope... I had visitors from both of those states by mid-January of 2005. The last state to present a visitor to my blog was (drum roll please)... West Virginia. So whoever you were from West Virginia's Wesleyan College that visited my blog, thank you for finally completing that benchmark for me! Why the heck did I have to wait YEARS for someone from West Virginia to show up? I know y'all have internet connections there (or am I mistaken?)

If you are curious which state was the 49th to offer up a visitor, it was Mississippi and that was clear back on 04/28/2005!

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