NASA Goes to Hell in a Handbasket

OK, so as if it wasn't bad enough that a female astronaut donned a diaper and drove half way across the country to kidnap her romantic rival with a BB gun; now, NASA has made two new unpropitious revelations.

To begin with, NASA has found that an employee of a subcontractor sabotaged a computer due to be installed on the International Space Station on the next space shuttle mission by cutting several wires. There is as of yet no indication of motive. NASA claims that the damage should be repaired prior to the launch date for the mission.

So as if that isn't bad enough...

The Aviation Week & Space Technology magazine reported on its web site that a special panel studying astronaut health found that astronauts were allowed to launch while impaired by alcohol consumption.

I can only shake my head. NASA can achieve great things. Just the other day I blogged about the superlative performance of the Mars rovers Opportunity and Spirit. This is the agency that sent us to the Moon. In my opinion, NASA is falling apart from disuse. It would appear that they, like most of us achieve great results when great things are expected of them. When nothing is expected one should not be surprised when nothing is achieved. In the 1960's a great, nearly impossible task was placed before them. In return, they delivered super-human achievements; launching our Apollo missions culminating in six manned missions to the surface of the Moon.

President Bush put a great challenge before these people during his first term in office, but for some reason they are wallowing in the back-sea roll to the Russians & Europeans on the International Space Station. A leader with moxie would find a way to make forward strides on the new initiatives, thus challenging his people while still achieving the contractual obligations relating to the International Space Station. What we are witnessing here folks is a lack of vision and leadership. I'm sorry but Dr. Michael Griffin needs to go. These continuing distractions simply point to the fact that his leadership can be classified as inept at best.

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