More Fictitious Heroes?

You know I grow weary of the left inventing fictitious characters or actual characters with dubious service records (i.e. that fat navy bitch that was never in the Middle East) to slander the brave men and women serving in our military. This newest occurrence revolves around some writer featured by the New Republic sporting the pseudonym "Scott Thomas". This supposed soldier serving at FOB Falcon mentions places that other soldiers at the FOB do not know. He mentions very noticeable persons (hideously scarred female at the mess hall every time he shows up) that no one at FOB Falcon has seen. He also describes 9mm shell casings with "a square back". Clearly no 9mm shell casing is square in the back. It may have a square firing pin indentation or it may have a square shape as a part of the headstamp, but there aren't any square shell casings period.

If you assholes are going to try to slander the military , at least have the audacity to do so without hiding behind transparent phantoms. Your slander is almost as ill-constructed as your logic. We are the ones who by and large are serving or who have family members serving so we know the true state of affairs. We can spot your fabrications easier than you can find a government handout.

Why is it that you can hide the identity of your "confidential informants" (aka fake informants) but you have no compunctions about handing military and intelligence gathering secrets out to anyone and everyone who cares to read your piece of shit rag?

It's time to start rounding up and trying traitors starting with your "Scott Thomas" or the silly asshat that made him up.

I guess your propensity to seek out the base rather than the noble serves testament to the quality of your miserable soul.

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