Turn About Is Too Funny

It would appear that some asshat at the Sandusky Register named Matt Westerhold decided that he wanted to publish the personal information of concealed carry permit holders. I of course do not need to tell you that I think that is a shitty idea. Well it would appear that some other fellow gun owners didn't like it either. Being the industrious sort, they dug up Matt Westerhold's private information from public records and published it 6 days ago on an internet forum.

Matt Westerhold

DOB: Nov 5 1958

322 Deepwood Lane
Amherst, OH 44001
1001 Rome Beauty Dr
Amherst, OH 44001 (registered to his ex-wife)
(Reported as sold to another party)
225 East Ave
Elyria, OH 44035-5634

2003 Blue Chevy Tracker

Office: 419-609-5866
Cell: 419-357-5051 or (440) 329-7157

Well it would appear that Matt caught wind of it and demanded in another post to the same forum that his personal information be removed (obviously without any offer to reciprocate for the CCW holders). When his demands were met with derision and laughter, he basically did as all good libs do... He whined and threw a piss fit! I nearly shit myself laughing while reading the threads. Here's a few quotes from the whining dork for your entertainment:

"You guys aren't impressing anyone with your trailer trash crusade."

"You all don't know what you're getting into. I'll open you up wide and
you'll be slung from the ceiling."

"Laugh it up, you don't understand the power of the press. But you

"You guys are just the kinda of people that need firearms. I bet your
friends and family are so proud."

It is just too funny how these liberal heaps of offal act when someone goes and does the exact same thing to them that they are doing to others. Y'all pop on over to the overtorqued.net forums and share the love with ol' Matt Westerhold and the rest of the commie staff at Sandusky...

Here's a news article regarding the whole thing.

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