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I've purchased a few new gun accessories and thought I'd put a review of them up here for you all to benefit from. both of these items were purchased from CDNN Sports Inc. The transaction went without a snag. Communication was great and prices were fair.

The first item I purchased was their model TAR96 tactical flashlight. This light is insanely light, weighing less than 4 ounces. It has built in mounting hardware and is blindingly bright. The flashlight and mounting hardware is sturdy anodized aluminum. The only downside I could identify is that it takes a CR123A battery which may not be readily available. I purchased a few and tossed them into my shooting bag just so I'd have spares. At $25 I thought this little flashlight was such a good piece of equipment that I bought one for my son to take along to Iraq to mount on his M4 for MOUT work.

So moving right along. The next item I'd like to talk about is CDNN's model TAR45 reflex sight. I had seen these at the gun show. I thought they looked pretty nifty with their switchable reticles. I ended up not picking one up at the gun show and instead wound up ordering from them off of the internet.

Once it arrived, I mounted it on my PLR to use as a testbed. I immediately saw a problem when I tried to bore sight it. It adjusted in just fine mind you, but when I switched through the other reticle patterns I found that the reticles were not aligned to the same aim point. Here, I've taken pictures through the sight with each reticle and the PLR's laser sight turned on and cast on a wall 30 feet away. These images show how much the sight varies from reticle to reticle. The sight picture doesn't seem to vary much vertically, but does vary greatly in windage.
Note that the second reticle pattern from the left is supposed to be a dot, but I jiggled the camera a little when I took the picture... hence the odd "V" shape. I must say that I had harbored illusions that one would be able to switch reticle patterns on the fly. Of course the shooter could adjust in their favorite reticle pattern and simply not use the others. Personally though, I'd rather be able to switch on the fly to that pattern which I find most appropriate. I've not shot this sight yet. It may end up being a very accurate sight once you've gotten it adjusted in, but it certainly can not be used on any of the reticle patterns beyond that one you used to adjust it in. Note that the reticle does seem to remain positioned once you switch back to it however.

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