F*cking Armchair Generals!

Just quoting directly from the linked article is easiest:

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said Gen. Peter Pace failed in his job of
providing Congress a candid assessment on the Iraq war and that he was concerned Gen. David Petraeus might be guilty of the same.

He went further Thursday when he said he was happy to hear of Pace's departure. The majority leader stopped short of calling Pace incompetent and declined to confirm a report in "The Politico" that he had done so earlier in the week in a private phone call to a group of liberal bloggers.

But he essentially said as much when he told reporters that Pace "had not done a very good job in speaking out for some obvious things that weren't going right in Iraq."

Reid said he also was concerned about Petraeus, who told USA Today this week that there are "astonishing signs of normalcy" throughout the majority of Baghdad. Petraeus was quoted as saying, "I'm talking about professional soccer leagues with real grass field stadiums, several amusement parks, big ones, markets that are very vibrant."

Reid said the remark "gives you a feeling that he's not in touch with what is really going on in Iraq or just trying to make the president feel good."

The senator said in a statement later that he hopes that
Adm. Michael Mullen, if confirmed as Pace's successor, "will speak up and pull
no punches."
Somehow when it comes to military matters... I trust the military more than Harry bin Reid. The closest he's been to the military is a 3 year stint on the United States Capitol Police Force way back in the 60's. He's nothing more than a career politician. A pair of career military men might know a bit more than you do... and besides all that, they'll probably stick their foot in their mouths far less too! Hey Harry! STFU!

Dennis Miller had a few choice words for Reid... Check it out!

Haha! It appears my artwork has gotten a little attention... I hope it brought a chuckle to someone:

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