U.S. fire "mistakenly" kills 8 Afghan cops

Here's another glaring example of media bias... Have a look at the title of the article. If you were just to read the title, you would automatically say that the American troops were at fault for the act of fratricide. Read the article however and you find the following:
"Afghan police fired four dozen grenades and U.S.-led coalition troops fought
back with helicopter gunships in a fierce battle that left eight officers dead"

This article has been edited several times from its original version to attempt to disguise the fact that the Afghan police fired on an American patrol, who returned fire, killing the police. Sure it really sucks that we accidentally killed allies, but what do you expect when those allies are firing on our troops? This article has been so intentionally construed to disguise the true facts that it is an obvious case of media bias, brought to you courtesy of the Associated Press.

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