The View From the Left

There were fireworks galore in New Hampshire. The democrat contenders met to spar and show the faithful which of them was most for snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

John-pretty pony Edwards fired a salvo at all of his opponents:
Former North Carolina Sen. John Edwards, trailing both New York Sen.
Hillary Rodham Clinton and Illinois Sen. Barack Obama in national polls, criticized their cautious approach in forcing President Bush to withdraw troops from Iraq.

While some members of Congress spoke out "loudly and clearly" last
month against legislation to pay for the war through September but without a
withdrawal timetable, "others did not," Edwards said.

"They went quietly to the floor of the Senate, cast the right vote. But
there is a difference between leadership and legislating," Edwards told his
rivals during the second Democratic debate.

Both Clinton and Obama voted against the bill β€” which passed β€” but without
making a strong case against the legislation.

"I think it's obvious who I'm talking about," Edwards said.

So with his very best accusatory tone he scolded the others for not beating the drum of defeat loud enough. It wasn't sufficient to vote appropriately for him, you needed to also get the soap box out.

Hitlery Clinton actually admitted that we are indeed at war with militant Islam:

Clinton disagreed with Edwards, both in his comments on her role on Iraq and in
his characterization of Bush's global war on terrorism as a "political slogan, a
bumper sticker."

As a New Yorker, "I have seen first hand the terrible damage
that can be inflicted on our country by a small band of terrorists," Clinton

Still, she said, "I believe we are safer than we were."

In other words she credits Bush with making us at least somewhat safer than we were. I wonder how long it will be until she flip-flops off of that opinion. You know she will. It is impossible for a Clinton to maintain a single opinion on any issue.

At the conclusion of the debate each candidate was about their priorities for their first hundred days in office. The responses were revealing...

Clinton's only priority was tucking tail & running from Iraq.

Hussein Obamarama agreed, but being an over-achiever, he also intends to single-handedly destroy our medical system -and- our economy with crippling taxes to pay for his communist styled medical system. Good to see you're still marching lock step with Stalin, Marx & Mao you pinko bastard.

Joe Biden would not only throw up the white flag in the face of our enemies, he'd also kiss Iran & North Korea's asses as well. He called it "defusing tensions", I call it sucking up to terrorist supporting dictators. I mean god forbid that we should get confrontational with dictators after all.

Jonnie Breck Boy Edwards said he'd "travel the world and re-establish America's moral authority" Jeebus fucking Christmas stupid ass, who the hell do you think we are; Miss Maples to the world? I'm so sick of liberholes preaching to the everyone about "morals" as if they had any authority on the subject. Admit it fuck-tard, you just want an extended vacation on the tax payer's dime.

Connecticut senator Chris Dodd said he'd, "Restore constitutional rights in this country." You know what, I'll believe that the moment I see this ass-hat repealing all of the unconstitutional infringements on our second amendment rights. But democrats always seem to act as if that one doesn't even exist. I mean check out this fact. Connecticut, Dodd's home state was adjudicated an A- grade from the Brady gang. The better the Brady grade, the more second amendment infringements have been slapped on the populace of the state.

Dennis "Tattoo" Kucinich had a plan to end the war in Iraq, "just say no money, the war's over" . That's right, cut off funds to our service folks in the field. "You know what GI, I'd really like to give you some bullets to shoot at those terrorists who are attacking you, but Dennis Kucinich didn't think you deserved any." Look dip-shit, just go the hell back to announcing the arrival of aircraft on Fantasy Island. You're talking about cutting off funds to my son over there.

About the funniest thing I heard from this abysmal coward convention was from Hitlery Clinton. When asked what she'd do if elected with her husband she responded, "my dear husband, would be sent around the world as a roving ambassador." In other words, she'd ship him off into exile. A better idea would be to load him and all of these yellow bastards up on a boat and banish the whole lot of them for good!


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