Twenty Five Percent

A recent Pew Research poll found that one in four young American Muslims find suicide bombings to defend their religion acceptable.

In view of the recent widely blogged information regarding Islamberg and the recently uncovered scheme to attack soldiers at Fort Dix New Jersey, one has to ask themselves what should be done to ensure that adherents to the "religion of peace" remain peaceful.

If you talk to a liberal about the second amendment they will point out that even the first amendment is subject to reasonable limitations, Well one of those reasonable limitations to the first amendment is that one's freedom of speech is not to be used to incite another to break the law.

A normal human being does not come upon the idea of killing themselves as a part of an armed resistance. In most cases, a normal person will consider an attack that spares their own lives so that they live to fight another day and perhaps enjoy the fruits of their efforts.

Therefore the suicide bomber idea is being placed there. These young men are being radicalised, most likely by their imams. That is where the limitations to the freedom of speech should be employed and the laws regarding inciting others to criminal acts prosecuted.

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