A Worthy Cause

I found this in the news today and I found it so very poignant. Here's an excerpt:
He (Lance Cpl. Adam C. Conboy) described staying 20 men per room in an old schoolhouse, packed into bunk beds in the scorching heat. The stench, he said, was overwhelming.

He asked his mother if she could send clean sheets — 40 sets of them, one for each member of his platoon.

He was killed the next Friday, May 12, 2006, by non-hostile fire. He had been in Iraq eight weeks.

Friends told his mother to expect flowers to start pouring in.

"I told people I didn't need flowers," Mary Conboy said. "In lieu of that, I took donations to get the bedding Adam asked for out to the guys."

Operation Bedding has since grown from a son's spontaneous quip to a mother's tribute to her fallen Marine. Mary Conboy runs a homespun charity effort from her backyard, sending troops in Iraq packages that contain everything from bedding to sweat socks to canned tuna.
This mother's reaction is so very noble when compared to the reactions of some mothers. Do you see this woman out being a media whore and capitalizing on the death of her son like the wraith-like Cindy Sheehan? Hell no! Corporal Conboy, you have a first rate mom! Mary Conboy, I salute you. First off you were thoughtful enough to give this nation a true man, your son, who loved this country enough to pay the ultimate price and then, having paid such a horrific price, you have not yet plumbed the depths of your generosity.

Readers, please visit the Adam Conboy Memorial Fund website and support this extremely worthy enterprise!

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