My Heart Goes Out

...to the families of those men missing in Mahmoudiya, Iraq. Al Quaida claims that they have them. Unfortunately we have seen how that has ended in the past. We can always hope for a better ending in this case and that is what I choose to do in spite of the dread that I feel.

On another note. I noticed something in the footage that the media has been broadcasting. They've been showing Iraqi troops also searching for these missing men. These troops look fantastic! Compared to the spray and pray yahoos that the media used to show when they showed Iraqi troops. These men have clearly progressed in their training and are showing a competency with their tactics and weapons that is reassuring. Those without military experience might not notice the difference, but to one that has been through the training it is clear to see. The men display a familiarity with their weapons and a trained execution of small unit tactics... Bounding over watch, overlapping fields of fire, etc...

If you really want the US out of Iraq, then seeing men like these capably performing their duties is exactly what you want to see. If these men are performing so splendidly, then I wonder what percentage of their troops have been trained up to this level. The democrats are continually mouthing the words "the voters are demanding a change of course in Iraq". I would contend that one can change course by turning right or left far easier than turning 180 degrees, tucking tail and running, but for them they see this as the only option. I would contend that if the American people saw progress in Iraq, they'd be mollified and could stomach sticking it out a little longer. The libs need to remember one thing. Sure, there is dissatisfaction at the moment with the war in Iraq, but if they dictate retreat, they will get the blame in the end for the defeat. Ask anyone about Vietnam and they will tell you that the military could have won that war if the politicians would have gotten out of their way and allowed them to. The same indictment will eventually be levied against you for dictating this defeat as well. The American people hate losing and will gladly assign you the blame. To the Iraqis, be proud of your military men serving proudly and competently. You are developing a military that will be the finest in the Middle East!

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