Small Liberal Faux Pas!

Here's a little quote for you:
In an agency-wide assessment, the U.N. raised alarms about the potential negative impact of biofuels...

Well now, that certainly throws a monkey wrench in the liberal's deification of biofuels now doesn't it? The article goes on to list the UN's reasons:
Biofuels like ethanol can help reduce global warming and create jobs for the rural poor, but the benefits may be offset by serious environmental problems and increased food prices for the hungry...

So let me restate the liberal stance for those who may be a little slow on the up-take. The liberals are claiming that we should further deplete the bio-diversity of this planet to make room for vast single species ecosystems of corn or sugar cane. These crops should of course be fertilized and protected by pesticides, further impacting the environment. Then when these crops ripen, the liberals want to harvest them and turn them into fuel for their hybrids rather than feeding the hungry. Their mouthpieces like Barrack Obama and Al Gore believe so much in this message that they will discard their concerns in regards to global warming, board their private jets and fly all around the world bringing the message to the faithful; "ruin the environment and screw the starving!".


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