Another Cover Up Unwinds

The Bush White House is keeping tabs on every single soldier. Should any of them fall to friendly fire, they immediately leap into action, whitewashing the matter faster than Bill Clinton can hide a spooge-stained dress. You see they can do that and bring about devastation of liberal bastions like New Orleans at the drop of a hat because they are tapping into Dick Chenney & Karl Rove's demonic powers to achieve what normal human beings cannot. It helps having underlings that are in league with Satan and Bush is using those connections to their utmost.

Now with the Kool-aid drinkers thus satisfied allow me to welcome you back to reality. Pat Tillman's death was a horrible tragedy. I just do not understand his family's insistence on demeaning his service and stripping him of the title "Hero". Here is a man that walked away from the milky teet of American decadence to place himself on a dangerous battlefield to serve his country. I'm sorry Tillman family, I still consider Pat to be a hero despite your efforts to convince me otherwise.

There is no mystery as to why his parents were told a sanitized version of the manner of death and to why people were ordered not to tell his brother (who served in the same unit). Somebody fucked up. That's why. It doesn't take a genius to figure out that people felt bad about it. They didn't want their superiors to know that they fucked up and they didn't want Tillman's family to feel worse than they did. Further they needed his brother to interact with the rest of the unit without hard feelings that might hamper the unit's performance in the field. I know you pansy-assed liberal bastards that will never wear a uniform except when it's a fashion fad, would like to have some huge intriguing cover-up story. You're just going to have to accept the fact that real life is seldom as colorful as your deluded imagination and no amount of congressional witch hunting is going to change that fact.

Oh and the same goes for Jessie Lynch! I still consider that tough little gal to be a hero too. I consider everyone who selflessly serves this country heroes.


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