AK Build Update #2

My AK build has been pretty much stymied. I'm in a holding pattern right now waiting for parts. For some reason I've had a hard time finding anyone that has AK receiver flats in stock. Perhaps a lot of people are trying to preempt the democrats gun grabbing plans by building evil AK's before they get their stupid ban passed. I've not been completely stymied however. I managed to pick up a Harbor Freight micro mill... Not specifically for this project, but it certainly will help with this one too... But then again I'm waiting on parts for it too. Harbor Freight sells the tool, but they're not nice enough to include any cutting tools for you to play around with it.

So I figured since I'm in a holding pattern any way I might as well ask for your input on something. I've not decided which muzzlebrake to use with this gun. So I've setup a little poll for you to vote on which muzzlebrake you think I ought to use. First, here are the selections:

Selection #1: A Krinkov styled muzzlebrake

Selection #2: A "Phantom" style compensator

Selection #3: An AK74 Style Brake

Selection #4: The standard stock slanted brake

Selection #5: An M16 style brake

Now here is the poll for you to vote on which of the above muzzlebrakes you think I should use on this build:

Which muzzlebrake should I use in my AK build?
Krinkov Style
Phantom Style
AK74 Style
Standard Slant
M16 Style
None of the Above (Specify which in the comments)
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