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After the dismal failure of the Veriforce Tactical muzzle brake on my PLR, I did a little research and happened on the DPMS Levang Linear muzzle brake from Midway USA. I think this thing looks pretty fly!

I've not fired this muzzle brake yet, but I can't imagine that it would not work at the very least somewhat better than the Veriforce Tactical brake. With the forward facing gas ports, it should direct the blast and noise forward. I'm not certain how effective this thing will be, but I wanted something mounted on the muzzle for mere reasons of aesthetics. The PLR just looks better with something beefier than the knurled thread protector. I like the way this muzzle brake fits very close to the knurled ring that secures the front handguard. If this muzzle brake works even marginally it is all a plus. Now let me address the Veriforce Tactical muzzle brake again. I do not doubt in the least that this muzzle brake is effective. In fact it worked wonderfully at reducing muzzle rise and recoil on this gun. -BUT- This gun is too short for that muzzle brake. The guy with the AR15 that I gave it to, loves it. The PLR-16 is however a unique kind of application for these muzzle brakes. I will post a review of this new brake once I've had a chance to fire it. That may however be the weekend after next due to Easter.

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