Father's Day & Some Product Endorsements

It was a pretty good father's day for me. We wound up heading out to a gun show in Austin. I didn't make any gun purchases, but I did pick up a few accessories though. The main thing I wanted to highlight was a rug (weapon case) that I found for my PLR-16. Yeah I know that Kel-Tec sells a rug specifically for the PLR-16, but I've heard that these cases have a few deficiencies. First off there is only space in the Kel-Tec case for three magazines (One in the weapon the other two in bungees straps). The bungee straps for the extra magazines are located inside the case. That means that if the PLR-16 shifts inside the case, then it could bang up against the magazines. Further because the magazines are held in bungees, the magazines themselves can also shift. While at the gun show I located an Ace Cases rug that fits the PLR-16 like a glove. The extra magazine storage is located in velcro flapped pockets external to case, providing space for four magazines and isolating them from the firearm. The price was also comparable.
I've had a number of other items from Ace Cases. They make a quality, well thought out product for a fair price. Drop by their website and check them out.

I actually considered a possible firearm purchase today. Everywhere you looked, there where Hi-Point handguns for sale for nearly nothing. For example, on dealer was offering the Hi-Point .45 for $149.
Now, don't get me wrong. These guns are butt ugly! -BUT- I've owned them before and I can attest, they are quite accurate, fun to shoot, tougher than nails as a damned good value to boot. They have an excellent trigger and and will eat damned near any ammo you throw at them. If you are looking for a low price beater these guys fit the bill to a tee! I'm not the only one that says that either. Here is an article from the Shooting Times that echoes my sentiments and I'm sure you can find any number of other articles and reviews that sings the praises of these low-priced ugly guns. Who knows, perhaps I may just buy one of these ugly bastards just to make people at the range laugh... Until they see the targets that is.

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