The Impotent Witchhunt Continues

Unable to ramrod their promised legislation through, the ineffectual democrats in congress instead insists on pursuing their politically motivated persecution of Alberto Gonzales for doing no wrong. This to me highlights the frustration they feel over their impotence. Everyone knows that when Clinton took over the office, he had his attorney general fire ALL of the federal prosecutors. These positions are filled with political appointments that serve at the behest of the President. Therefore they can be fires at any time for any reason. The libs however continue to prosecute the case in the media since they can't prove anything in session.

If they insist on going after Gonzales for firing Clinton's useless appointees (due to their failure to perform), then they are constraining any future lib administration in as well... After all, what's good for the goose is good for the gander. Of course, they'll try to squirrel their way out of it, but we'll just have to resolve to either never allow them the opportunity again to do the egregious act of replacing political appointees -or- we'll have to remind them of the bar they put in place.


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