Will Justice Yet be Served?

As you've no doubt seen already seen, hotel heiress Paris Hilton was released from prison on the advice of her shrink. Her release met with nearly unanimous condemnation, and I concur. The idea behind a jail sentence or fine is to punish the offender so that they are deterred from reoffending. Clearly no fine could possibly be levied that would hurt enough to teach this brain-dead ditz anything. Clearly the only thing that could possibly teach her anything would be to remove her from her privileged surroundings. Three days however is not enough. It was bad-enough when the 45 day sentence was reduced to half that amount, but 3 days? Being released because she's depressed... Cut me a break!

Well now, she's been ordered to return to court in the morning. It would appear that the judge who sentenced her is not taking kindly to having his orders ignored. I hope that she gets shipped right back to jail. I also hope that the lax sheriff gets himself a reprimand.

It's bad enough that Hollywood thinks that they can dictate morals to us, as if they had any idea what morals are! Then they think they can manipulate our political system. It is more than enough. When they think they can ignore our legal system that has crossed the final line. Fry the bitch and the star-struck sheriff as well. So if Skooter Libby becomes a little depressed, do you think they'll issue him an ankle bracelet? I heartily doubt it!


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