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If you have an AR, check this gear out:
Add-A-Rail from Mounting Solution Plus

Easily and affordably add rail mounted accessories without the cost and frustration of adding a full railed forearm. ADD-A-RAIL SYSTEM works with factory standard AR-15 carbine, A-2 and M4 forearms.

Designed to allow use of a detachable flashlights, foregrips, or other rail mounted accessories. ADD-A-RAIL comes in two version and can be used on either TOP/BOTTOM or RIGHT/LEFT side of your forearm.

Mounting Solution Plus specializes in tactical mounts and gun accessories for professional and competition shooters

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I've checked these things out. These make adding rock-solid rails to your AR fore-end a piece of cake. They are designed to to fit directly onto the factory fore-end. That means that you won't have issues with poorly fitted after market front-end parts that wiggle and fall off at the least opportune moment.

I've already decided that when my son deploys to Iraq here in a few weeks, a full kit of upgrade gear to strap onto his service rifle will go with him and these rails will be in that kit!

Here's another accessory that these folks offer that I'd like to get a chance to check out. It's a foregrip with an integral bipod. Everyone knows the benefit of both Bipods and foregrips -but- the bipods have some rather serious issues. A bipod is a fantastic thing when you're using it, but when it is folded up, there's nothing worse for getting tangled up in things. This solution shrouds the bipod inside the foregrip, thereby eliminating all issues with entanglement. The only issue that would concern me would be whether this arrangement would be sturdy enough to stand up to tactical use... Hence the desire to check it out. It looks like a really good idea.

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