Now the Genie is out of the Bottle

You see my liberal friends, as soon as you start talking about hiking up your knickers and running away from a fight like little Miss Muffet, then all of the sudden all of your enemies think you'll do the same for them! Here's a little quote from the linked article:
...the Taliban's new top field commander warned Wednesday that new recruits were volunteering as suicide bombers and that fighters would continue their holy war until Western powers leave Afghanistan...
So there you have it. The Taliban have smelled the blood in the water and now they want the same sweetheart deal you are giving Al Quaeda in Iraq. I have no doubt that left to your own devices you'd run from Afghanistan every bit as fast as you want to run away from the guns of our enemies in Iraq. Hell Osama bin Laden himself even said that America is a paper tiger, all you need to do is bloody them and they'll run. You are fulfilling his prediction. Let's face it Everyone of you are just soft, effete, cowards. What's worse is that it largely isn't your children fighting this war. It's ours! Your children are the distillation of the softness, self-centeredness and cowardice modelled by you! As I've said many times before I hope that since you are inviting our enemy to pursue us here with renewed vigor and morale buoyed on an undeserved battlefield victory; that you also invite them to use your backyard as the battleground. Personally, I'd prefer to keep it over there in their backyard. You can't secure this nation. Our borders are a sieve. They're already aggressively recruiting combatants here in this country (as testified to by this and this). Oh and one more point. Forget about using the military to confront them when they do come here. Posse Comitatus prevents that. The only thing I have to add is this. Keep your grubby fucking pud whackers off of my guns. When the jihadists do come here, I want the tools to allow me to defend myself and my loved ones. As for you, you're on your own. You can try to call the cops and hope they're not too busy pursuing the war on drugs to come save your feckless ass.

Oh, and one more point. That top Taliban commander quoted above; Mansoor Dahdullah. He's Mullah Dadullah's brother you know that corpse they were just showing off riddled with bullets recently. You know why that's interesting? No not because of who he's related to... It this:
Mansoor was one of five prisoners released in March in exchange for kidnapped Italian journalist Daniele Mastrogiacomo.
In other words, he's just another one of those "innocent" muslims "illegally" held in American "gulags" like Gitmo.

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