Wasting More Time & Money

Congressional Democrats intend to waste more taxpayer money pursuing legislation that they know will not succeed intended to force defeat onto our troops. Look, Pelosi made a huge amount of promises regarding all of the things she wanted to accomplish for the people that swept the socialist tide in the doors of congress. So far, she hasn't got many feathers to put in her cap. Perhaps the reason is because she and her comrades continue to ardently pursue legislation that has no chance of success. Now, I have to ask my lib readers this... How many inner city crack mommas could you subsidize with the money that they are wasting? Holding legislative sessions is a very expensive proposition. Think of all that wealth that the could be redistributed. Joe Stalin must be rolling over in his grave! Perhaps that's why Pelosi's (38%) approval ratings are just about as low as Bush's (36%), Reid's (19%) are much lower and the same goes for congress as a whole (26%).


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