Amen Brother!

Sheriff Jim Alderden of Larimer County Colorado addresses concealed carry and concealed carry on college campuses saying:
"When you create a so called “gun free” zone and rely solely on voluntary
compliance, the law-abiding citizens are at a disadvantage. The criminal
predators need only worry about intervention by law enforcement personnel, not
their prey. The Lott-Mustard study has shown that when individuals are given the
opportunity to legally carry firearms with a permit, violent crime rates go
down. Go figure! I suspect that if deer were capable of shooting back, fewer
people would go deer hunting."

Clearly if there were anyone informed on issues regarding law enforcement and crime, it would be a County Sheriff.

Here are some more interesting quotes:
"With decades of data on CCW permits, there is no empirical data that
suggests allowing concealed weapons to be carried with a permit decreases public
safety. None. When Colorado passed our current CCW law in 2003 which required
all sheriffs to issue CCW permits within guidelines, the nay-sayers predicted
the streets would run red with blood. It hasn’t happened. Permit holders who have the requisite training and pass a background check have proven themselves to be responsible. Policies enacted at CU and some other institutions of higher learning seem to say that their students, staff and faculty aren’t as responsible or trustworthy as the general public when it comes to firearms. (Considering the Ward Churchill situation and other goings-on at CU, maybe they’re right.) "

"The CU Regents have determined that even carrying a weapon on their campus
with a permit threatens 'the tranquility of the educational environment in an
intimidating way and … (contributes) in an offensive manner to an unacceptable
climate of violence.' (Regent Policies, Section 14.1). Poppycock! If a permittee
keeps the handgun concealed, how can it be intimidating?"

Colorado appears to have been wise enough to elect a common-sense Sheriff. Would that there were more of them!

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