I've always had the ability to predict storylines. It drives my wife crazy. We'll be watching a movie and I'll say "Aw crap, the mechanic did it." She'll say "no way" and I'll just sit there grinning. It never fails, the end of the movie arrives and sure enough, the mechanic did it. Usually she ends up punching me in the arm for ruining another movie for her.

Well I've decided to employ that ability to predict the future of this country. To begin with, follow this link and have a little read. OK, so it wasn't a little read... I lied, but it was a necessary lie to give you a little background.

If the liberals win the next election, that's where we will be headed in this country. Mere possession of a nail gun will subject you to jail time. Framing a house will be illegal, because we all know that nail guns are dangerous weapons right? Knives of all sorts will be illegal simply because the word "combat" is in any way associated with them. In other words a policeman can say, "your steak knife looks like it could be used in combat. I'm taking you in for your mandatory 5 year stint in the pokie".

In my view there is only one way that we, America's gun owners can fend off the ever tightening noose that threatens to strangle our second amendment rights. We need to muster the militia... The real militia as intended by the wording of the second amendment. We'll muster it on the mall in Washington DC. It would just need to be a muster of 1%-2% of the militia. The rest can and should stay home as reinforcements.

The Census Bureau indicates that the population of the United States is 301,608,859. According to the National Institute of Justice, 25% of Americans own guns. Bouncing those two numbers off of each other yields a pool of 75,402,214 armed militia.

You would need to motivate just one million (1.33%) of those to make their way in defiance of the unconstitutional anti-gun laws to the mall and to camp there until the congress acts to repeal all the gun laws that it has ever enacted. Further the congress should enact a resolution affirming the individual's right to bear arms and resolving never to infringe upon that right again.

This must and should by necessity remain absolutely peaceful unless exposed to acts of official violence. There wouldn't need to be any sort of flowery speeches by luminaries like Charleton Heston or Ted Nugent. There wouldn't be any need for silly picket signs and paper-mache effigies; slung rifles and holsters would suffice. It could be like a big fun swap meet surrounded by a few very nervous cops.

A million armed people meeting on the mall in DC would represent an army larger than our nation's whole military establishment and police forces combined. We the people have forgotten our power and we (and our elected representatives) have forgotten that a government rules only with the consent of the people.

If groups like Code Pink or these pin heads can use the national mall this way why then should the constitutional militia be rejected? That's the real rub though, do enough gun owners really care enough about the loss of their second amendment rights to be motivated to action? It would appear that Cindy Sheehan can motivate her crowd enough to care, but we gun owners can not. Doesn't that just piss you off? Jack asses like this can fill the mall with warm bodies supporting their anti-American causes and we can not.

So now I'll engage the psychic prediction gear in my head again... The liberals will continue passing laws that further and further curtail our second amendment rights and we will stand around doing nothing more than complaining about it and sending billions of dollars to do-little groups like the NRA. That's what's happened ever since 1934 and that's what will happen in the future as well, so this is an easy prediction. We gun owners are too lazy and uncommitted to truly make our voices heard. Eventually we'll be just like they are in Britain. Thus disarmed, we'll need the permission of the Secretary of State to use a nail gun to frame a house. At that point we'll be powerless to prevent them from enacting the rest of their Stalinist vision for America. They'll cede our sovereignty to the UN. We'll have nationalized health care and no innovation. Cameras will record our every public moment. Wealth will be equally distributed regardless of contribution and we will be absolutely free to speak our minds, as long as we abide by the provisions of the PC speech enforcement act. It'll be lovely don't you agree?

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