AK Progress Report #4

Well I'm not quite as far along as I would like but progress is being made none-the-less. In the picture above you see my AK mocked up. There's still quite a bit to be done. The holes have not yet been drilled for the front and rear trunions. The trunions still need to be tapped to accept the assembly screws (I have to pick up the proper tap). The lower rails need to be mounted. Then the receiver needs to be heat treated and blued or parkerized. Then there needs to be a whole lot of fitting and tuning. The receiver did not turn out as pretty as I had hoped. My improvised tooling still needs a lot of work. The corners weren't as tight as I'd have liked so I had to touch them up with a hammer. It was after all the first job I've attempted on my new mill and this is my first AK build. I've already test fitted the fire control group and everything meshes and functions beautifully. It easily passes a standard function check. So despite my receiver being ugly, it does seem to do its intended job.
As you can see, I've received the proper colored folding stock from Cope's Distributing. When I called them, they apologized profusely and explained that they have been unusually busy ever since January. They shipped the replacement stock out immediately with a return shipping label for the mismatched stock. These folks have redeemed themselves in my eyes! So, buy up folks!

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