A Massacre in Housewares

Just imagine it... A roving band of Walmart management executives encountered a group of employee refuges in housewares and engaged in acts of rape and genocide!

If you need a perfect example of how misguided liberal groups are, all you need to do is look at the Human Rights Watch. This is a group that is held in very high esteem in liberal circles. This group's job is to point out human rights abuses. They're one of the groups screaming loudest about the situation in the Darfur. Get this here's what they have to say about WALMART:

Wal-Mart workers have virtually no chance to organize because they’re up against unfair US labor laws and a giant company that will do just about anything to keep unions out. That one-two punch devastates workers’ right to form and join unions.

How in the hell can you equate the situation in the Darfur and Walmart for Christ's sake? There is no comparison. The fact that this "prestigious" group concerns itself with an issue such as worker's rights at Walmart proves just what a farce this group is.

An employee can walk out the front door of the company at any point in time. If they do not like the terms of their employment, they can walk across the Walmart parking lot to the fast food restaurant or grocery store on the other side and get a job there.

There are no roving bands of managers stalking the aisles of Walmart raping, pillaging and burning.


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