Champions of Crime Prevention

I recently was out perusing the Department of Justice web site looking for some statistics to back up a point I was making in a discussion I was having elsewhere on the blogs. I found the crime statistics there so I became curious and engaged in a little research. Let me preface the results of my research with a reiteration of the liberal positions.

The Democrats claim that they are hard on crime. They claim that denying Americans the right to bear arms is just the ticket for reducing violent crime. They wish you to believe that you and your family will be safer with them at the helm. I am compelled to call "bullshit"!

Referencing the crime statistics for top 50 cities with the highest crime rate I found the following data:
1.) Baltimore, Maryland - Mayor: Sheila Dixon (D)
2.) Detroit, Michigan - Mayor: Kwame M. Kilpatrick (D)
3.) St. Louis, Missouri - Mayor: Francis G. Slay (D)
4.) Washington, District Of Columbia - Mayor: Adrian M. Fenty (D)
5.) Newark, New Jersey - Mayor: Cory Booker (D)
6.) Kansas City, Missouri - Mayor: Kay Waldo Barnes (D)
7.) Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - Mayor: John F. Street (D)
8.) Cincinnati, Ohio - Mayor: Mark L. Mallory (D)
9.) Cleveland, Ohio - Mayor: Frank G. Jackson (D)
10.) Oakland, California - Mayor: Ronald Dellums (D)
11.) Atlanta, Georgia - Mayor: Shirley Franklin (D)
12.) Milwaukee, Wisconsin - Mayor: Tom Barret (D)
13.) Memphis, Tennessee - Mayor: W. W. Herento (D)
14.) Buffalo, New York - Mayor: Byron Brown (D)
15.) Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - Mayor: Luke Ravenstahl (D)
16.) Nashville, Tennessee - Mayor: Bill Purcell (D)
17.) Dallas, Texas - Mayor: Laura Miller (D)
18.) Houston, Texas - Mayor: Bill White (D)
19.) Chicago, Illinois - Mayor: Richard Daley (D)
20.) Phoenix, Arizona - Mayor: Phil Gordon (D)
21.) Tulsa, Oklahoma - Mayor: Kathy Taylor (D)
22.) Stockton, California - Mayor: Edward J. Chavez (D)
23.) Columbus, Ohio - Mayor: Michael B. Coleman (D)
24.) Miami, Florida - Mayor: Manny Diaz (I)
25.) Indianapolis, Indiana - Mayor: Bart Peterson (D)
26.) Boston, Massachusetts - Mayor: Thomas M. Menino (D)
27.) San Francisco, California - Mayor: Gavin Newsome (D)
28.) Los Angeles, California - Mayor: Antonio Ramon Villaraigosa (D)
29.) Charlotte-Mecklenburg, North Carolina - Mayor: Pat McCrory (R)
30.) Minneapolis, Minnesota - Mayor: R. T. Rybak (D)
31.) St. Petersburg, Florida - Mayor: Rick Baker (R)
32.) Jacksonville, Florida - Mayor: John Peyton (R)
33.) Sacramento, California - Mayor: Heather Fargo (D)
34.) Las Vegas (metro), Nevada - Mayor: Oscar B. Goodman (D)
35.) Bakersfield, California - Mayor: Harvey Hall (R)
36.) Albuquerque, New Mexico - Mayor: Martin Chavez (D)
37.) Fresno, California - Mayor: Alan Autry (R)
38.) Denver, Colorado - Mayor: John Hickenlooper (D)
39.) Tucson, Arizona - Mayor: Bob Walkup (R)
40.) Oklahoma City, Oklahoma - Mayor: Mick Cornett (R)
41.) Fort Worth, Texas - Mayor: Michael J. Moncrief (D)
42.) Aurora, Colorado - Mayor: Ed Tauer (R)
43.) Toledo, Ohio - Mayor: Carty Finkbeiner (D)
44.) Louisville Metro, Kentucky - Mayor: Jerry E. Abramson (D)
45.) Long Beach, California - Mayor: Bob Foster (D)
46.) St. Paul, Minnesota - Mayor: Chris Coleman (D)
47.) Omaha, Nebraska - Mayor: Michael Fahey (D)
48.) San Antonio, Texas - Mayor: Phil Hardberger (D)
49.) New York, New York - Mayor: Michael Bloomberg (R)
50.) Arlington, Texas - Mayor: Dr. Robert Cluck (D)
Isn't it interesting that, when protracting the list of the 50 most crime plagued cities in the United States that you have to go all the way down to the 29th city on the list to find the first Republican (also interesting is that the Democrats control the Council in that city by vast margins allowing them to override the mayor's vetos at will). If the Democrats have the recipe for crime prevention, why then, on this list are they represented so well (four to one when compared to their Republican colleagues)? The simple answer is this: the Democrats are the worst party for reducing crime. Anything they say on this subject is therefore highly suspect. Results speak far louder than words. The Democrats sure are long on words and short on results. Quite bluntly stated, if you want to live in a city that has a low crime rate, elect a Republican as mayor of your city. Just like the President is the Commander in Chief of the military, a mayor is the commander of a municipality's police force. This failure to combat crime can then be saddled firmly on their party across the spectrum of political positions that they may hold from mayor to president. Their policies just do not work and their positions on the subject are untenable. The Democrats are not the people to turn to if you wish to decrease crime. Sure they'll claim that Bill Clinton put 100,000 cops on the street, but these statistics show that even if he put 1,000,000 extra cops on the street, the Democrat mayors wouldn't know how to properly employ them.

The trend is now clear for all to see. This is the first time I have seen these statistics compiled and presented anywhere.

Stay tuned as I am still working on some number crunching and I will be posting more about this research as the days go by!


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