The New Afghanistan

It would appear that after removing the Al Quaida training sites from Afghanistan, they needed to find new locations to train in. It would appear that some of their new real estate is in Catskills of New York state.

I've read about this now on several blogs. I saw it first on Ogre's blog, then on ALa's Blonde Sagacity, then War on Guns... This has been pretty well covered. I find it interesting though that the article linked is from a Canadian News outlet instead of a domestic one. Is our domestic media that compromised that they will not report on such things? Why has no one else corroborated this story?

The community has a web page that you can find here. Looks like a pretty ramshackle affair if you ask me.

Look, who knows if the claims made in the article are true or not, but if citizens complain about the sounds of explosions and gunfire coming from a place inhabited (by most reports) mainly by ex-cons shouldn't some official attention should be paid to the place? You know, send a police cruiser by to check the place out. How much of a hassle would that be? Isn't that what we pay all of our taxes for?


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