A few items I've been too busy to blog about

I've got a few items building up that I've intended to blog about but have been too busy to. So I figured that now that I have a few moments, I'd cover all of them in one post.

Ok, Let's start off with a little science... Here's the article that caught my eye. It appears that scientists may have finally found the object that fell to the ground in Tunguska Russia.
So if this pans out like the researchers believe it will, it means, sorry to burst your little "ET did it" bubble folks, but it was just a meteor. It wasn't a black hole or some other nonsense, it was your garden variety meteor. It's just taken modern instruments to finally locate it under the bottom of small lake in the impact area. The Tunguska event does however point out the urgent need for us to devise functional meteor shield technology.

So moving on along to the next item I've been wanting to post about... Here's the background article. This week, the Supreme Court came out with a decision that finally brings a little common sense to the issue of school segregation and racism. Listen the only way to eliminate racism is to stop making race an issue. Everyone must simply turn a blind eye to a person's race as a basis for making any decision. Race can not be the grounds for either a detrimental or beneficial decision.

Finally, there's this... The resurrected "immigration reform"/amnesty bill has gone down in flames for good... At least until after the 2008 elections. That means that the democrats will not be handed 12 million imported votes... So they'll just have to continue committing voter fraud to have the illegal immigrants vote for their "candidates". Unfortunately, this also means that we are unlikely to see any progress on securing the border either.

George Bush was hooking his horse on this issue being his "legacy". If you ask me, the prior story displays his true legacy... A sensible Supreme Court.

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