Another Volley Across Our Bow

A Bill recently introduced into the House of Representatives requires our immediate and vocal resistance. HR 2666 requires all persons to attain a federal license to own any handgun or any semiautomatic firearm with a detachable ammunition source (magazine). It requires all firearms to be stored in such a way as to render them absolutely useless for the purposes of home defense. Further it establishes a federal database of gun owners. This one is cutting directly to the bone my friends. We must be absolutely sure that this hideous creature dies a sudden and certain death. Further, we need to ensure that Congressman Bobby Rush receives the full measure of our displeasure. He must be voted out of office at the very next opportunity and his every mis-step while in office exposed to the light of day. Let his absolute humiliating defeat serve as a warning to any and every would-be tyrant that we, the gun owners of America will not sit idly by while they make plans to deprive us of our rights!

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