Why is Congressional Approval so Low?

Pelosi and Reid rode into Washington on the back of a white horse named Accountability. Unfortunately, It turns out that horse wasn't a horse at all. It was an apparition, a ruse. Let's face it, politicians are professional liars. Their stock in trade is telling people what they want to hear just so they'll vote for them. Theoretically they are supposed to represent us... you and me. But their true business is representing and promoting themselves. Unfortunately Americans of all political stripes have grown far more savvy and skeptical. We've already seen this same opera for over 200 years, only the performers have changed. That is why the congress is more reviled than even the "evil W". So, sit back, reserve a little time, maybe grab a bucket of popcorn and witness if you will the ungainly gait of that horse I mentioned before.

Please note, I'm not attempting to portray that only democrats play lose with our tax money. Congressional Republicans are every bit as guilty of these foibles. These were just the first videos I've managed to find.

Look, it is time for politicians to get it through their thick skulls that they exist ONLY to serve us. I long for the old-fangled notion of a gentleman farmer that goes to Washington, serves his term and then returns to pursuits on his farm. There are many things that could be done to end these abuses of power. We could enact true campaign finance reform, term limits, lobbying reforms and earmark reforms... Well maybe we can't, because we'd need public servants who actually enact the laws we want them to enact and that hasn't happened in eons. We're stuck my friends. We've arrived at an impasse. Our political system is broken and the only way to fix it is to rely upon those shattered cogs who are the genesis of the problem. How did we get to this point and what do we can to get out of it?

We, the voters continue to allow ourselves to be distracted by the pretty (or hideous) baubles that they throw in our face. We say, "We want to be represented in congress". That of course makes them nervous so they throw out a bauble, like the war in Iraq or immigration reform for example. We of course draw up battle lines on either side of the issue. We become so polarized that those on the other side of the issue become our dire enemies and we lose sight of our original desire and our most pressing issue.

In truth a responsive legislative body could indeed easily act on all of these issues by enacting the will of the majority of the constituency... but why should they. That would deprive them of the chaff that they use to distract us from the inequity of their undeserved power.

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