August 28th, Mark Your Calendars

On August 28th the Brady gang is having a little shindig. They're holding a nationwide day of protest. Well since the NRA is pretty much an absent entity in the battle against these goons, David Codrea over at the War on Guns blog has proposed a little counter protest of our own. He has proposed that August 28th be a day to support of local gun dealers by buying a box of ammo. You know you're going to need ammo any ways so you might as well make a little time to stop by your local gun dealer to buy some ammo next Tuesday to support this effort. It is time that we gun owners start making as much noise as all of the socialist scum that would disarm us if we maintain our silence. In advance of next Tuesday, call you local gun shop to see if they are supporting this counter-protest.

For my part and since you can never have too much ammo... I intend to buy some!

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