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Hollywood is at it again... It would appear that GI Joe is no longer a hard charging American fighting man. GI Joe is now nothing more than a PC acronym... "Globally Integrated, Joint Operating Entity" that's based in Brussels Belgium. Beyond that, it would appear that GI Joe's enemies are no longer the enemies of the USA... The new nemesis is a Scottish gun runner.

Hat tip goes to the Sniper Blog for this one...

Look some things should just not be fucked with. That scared face on the original GI Joe "action figure" was modeled after a real Marine and Congressional Medal of Honor recipient, the late Platoon Sergeant (later Colonel) Mitch Paige. He received the MOH for his incredible actions on the island of Guadalcanal in WWII. The word "heroic" simply does not do justice to what this man did. Here, read the MOH citation and this man's own explanation of his actions and see for yourself.

As a child I wasn't chasing Scottish gun runners as I played at emulating my heroes, dashing through the brackens and mountain laurel... I was after the Japs or the Krauts. I wasn't carrying that pretend gun to serve some effete international co-ed police force based in Belgium... I was pretending to serve my nation. I was pretending to be GI Joe... Mitch Paige.

They say that children learn through play. What are your children learning? Who are they emulating, someone on par with the selflessness of Col. Mitch Paige or someone less deserving of emulation like a musician, movie or sports star... someone motivated to perform in order to serve nothing more than their own avarice? I never held those people in very high esteem at all. Perhaps that's why the very moment I reached the age of majority (OK actually before the age of majority, I was 17 after all) I dashed off and served my nation.

People are motivated to greatness only by powerful ideals. Why is it do you think that a UN force has never been cited for heroism? Where's the tales of any blue hat single handedly holding off a human wave attack? There aren't any. In fact more often than not, your blue hats are known for cowardly, criminal or shameful acts. Their legacy is found in places like Cambodia, Srebenica, Haiti, Sudan or Rwanda.

I'll tell you why that is that way. Your anti-American, global atheistic brain-fart quite simply is not inspiring. If you want to inspire a person to greatness you need to present them with a powerful motivation like hate, love, greed, god or country (or some combination there-of)... As long as you fail to understand that you will be defenseless against someone who is inspired by hate, love, greed, god or country. You will stand there in the midst of your herd, blithely chewing cud while the others are culled until finally it is on your hide that the wolf's fangs find purchase.

Here's a little piece of G-Man's sage wisdom for your cogitation:

"Pacifism is nothing more than indolence or cowardice disguised behind an insubstantial veil of feigned nobility."

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