I Finally Feel Human Again

I'm finally back on line. We managed to survive our six state whirlwind move. All of our boxes have been unloaded (but not unpacked yet) and we have finally reacquired an internet signal.
Our travels took us through Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, Utah, Idaho and finally into Oregon. Where we've moved into our new country home. I snapped some pictures along the way and thought that I would share a few of the better ones with you, my loyal readers.

Here's the western Texas sunset on our first day's travels.

Here's an interesting rock formation in New Mexico that we encountered on our second day.

Here's some lovely autumn foliage from up in Ogre country (Utah).

Here's a storm bearing down on us in Idaho at the conclusion of our third day.

Here's two of my passengers enjoying the ride.

I'm glad to finally be back in a house. I really enjoy exploring new places, but I seriously hate the uncertainty and upheaval that goes with moving around.


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