Commiefornia at it Again

I was just over at Justin Buist's blog where he linked a Brady campaign press release (click to title to view it).

It would appear that the California state legislature has passed a law mandating gun fingerprinting for all newly manufactured handguns. Gun fingerprinting is where specific information such as the gun's manufacturer, model and serial number are micro-engraved into the tip of the firing pin and onto other internal surfaces of the firearm. The theory that they propose as to why this is a "good idea" is that then the police can simply read the information imprinted into the ejected shell casings that they find at crime scenes. This would allow them to then follow the paperwork trail to the supposed shooter.

Let me explain however how this law would infringe on the rights of all of us gun owners should Arnold Schwarzenegger be stupid enough to sign this atrocity into law.

First off, manufacturers are not going to make this specific change only for firearms that are sold in California. This change will be made across the board. All new semiautomatic pistols will therefore carry this microscopic fingerprinting. This will drive the cost of each firearm up, thus depriving low income individuals of firearms with which to defend themselves. It is specifically low income folks that live in the crime rife portions of our inner cities that would most need the tools of self-defense. Further it would expose all gun owners to fraudulent theft claims. I can't find the news article any more, but there has been a movement within the anti-gun activists to search out the serial numbers of legally owned firearms which they then in turn report as being stolen. This has occurred in the past. Should the innocent firearm owner then attempt to sell the gun, it turns up as being stolen, exposing the legitimate owner to intrusive police action. This is why if you look at any firearm pictures on this blog, the serial numbers have been obscured in the images. Let that stand as a warning to all other gun bloggers to do likewise. So should this law be enacted, these anti-gun activists would only need to brass troll shooting areas and buy themselves a jeweler's loop or microscope to perpetrate this ploy. Last of all let's not forget why our founding fathers insisted on the second amendment existing in the constitution at all. It was placed there so that individuals could act as a de facto army in case of an invasion and further so that that same army would serve as a deterrent to the very government they were creating from becoming oppressive. What kind of deterrent is a person who can only fight once before they are identified, captured and shipped off to the gulag?


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