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There are a few things I'd like to cover.

First off, while technically I have settled in to my new home, the new position has kept me hopping. It seems that they needed someone to fill my position long before they actually got me to fill it... Meaning that there's a lot that's been left un-done. So that means many long days full of late hours at work and consequently less time spent blogging. So, liberals you can quit your little commie river dance. I haven't thrown in the towel and no you certainly have not chased me away. I will eventually work through the back-log and resume my efforts to be a big pain in your your fat, unshaved, patchoulli stinking asses. Since none of you are employed as anything other than professional protesters or burger flippers, I'm sure you can not commiserate.

That having been said, there's been some interesting occurrences in England. Seems a truck driver sued to prevent the Algore's "An Inconvenient Truth" from being added to the school curriculum and has prevailed... In the process of winning it was definitively proven that there are at least 11 glaring inconsistencies/fabrications in the Algore's propaganda flick...

1. It was proven that the snow melting on Kilimanjaro had nothing what-so-ever to do with global warming

2. The film's claim that evidence from ice cores proved a correspondence between historical CO2 levels and warming periods was proven erroneous.

3. The film's insinuation that hurricane Katrina was caused by global warming was also unhinged.

4. Lake Chad drying up ... not due to global warming

5. Polar bears drowning ... due to a storm not melting polar ice.

6. A halt to the gulf stream throwing Europe into an ice age... a scientific impossibility...

7. Global warming is a cause for species loss and coral blanching, again, bzzt! not supported by scientific evidence.

8. Greenland's ice is melting... survey says: Not for millenia at current rates and following current trends.

9. Antarctic ice is melting away... wrong again, it's increasing.

10. Sea levels will rise by seven meters! again wrong. Actual estimates using their data is 40 centimeters... (about 16 inches)

11. Mass evacuations from Pacific islands to escape the rising tide - wrong again, unfounded and unproven!

...and for this the asshat is awarded a nobel prize. Guess there's another thing that's lost all of its meaning and prestige. You can be sure that you'll hear all about him getting the nobel prize on your mainstream news... but how much do you want to bet that you won't hear a word about the adjudication that the movie is full of outright lies and fabrications?

Now comes the interesting bit... The basis for the truck driver's suit was a law that outlaws political indoctrination in the classroom... Holy shit! We're talking about a country that has outlawed not only guns, but toys that look like guns and even nail drivers and they have a law that prevents political indoctrination in the schoolroom? If only we had such laws here! The schoolroom is the liberals' chief recruiting grounds... brainwash them while they're young is their motto!

Hat tip goes to ALa over at blonde sagacity for that story.

So moving on now to my next topic... The libs would have you believe that we all should be disarmed... rendered defenseless against criminals. We should place our trust in our law enforcement officials to safeguard our lives...

I'd like one of you people to seriously answer the question. Who then will protect you when the police are the criminals? And don't tell me that it doesn't happen. Here's your undeniable proof that yes Virginia, cops can and do sometimes become the criminals. Further, how do we know that they are competent enough to actually protect us? I mean have a look at this picture:

I mean god forbid, you wouldn't want some untrained goon protecting himself right? I mean it's a job that only "trained professionals" can do properly...

Yeah... right.

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